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We’re undergraduate students, lecturers and mentors. Our mission is to open artificial intelligence and autonomous systems doors to the next class of students who are ready for a challenges and excited to create a world of autonomy.

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Are you excited to create a world of autonomy?

If you have a project idea about artificial intelligence and autonomous systems and you need development environments or you want to start, we are excitedly waiting for the preliminary interview.

Preliminary Interview

We would like to get to know you better and brainstorm about the work you can do in the lab, this is the first step in entering the lab. If you are ready to meet, schedule a meeting from the blue button below!

Be a Contributor

After the preliminary meeting, you need to complete some trainings and complete a project that we can determine together to join the team, you will be a contributor during this period, we will welcome you after completing the stages.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any projects, how can I join the lab?

You can become a member of the lab by moving to the role of contributor, completing the project that we will determine as a partner in the time given to you, reporting and participating in some of our trainings. We accept a limited number of members each term, we recommend that you do not delay your application.

Can I use the lab's hardware support?

You cannot benefit from the equipment of the laboratory until you become a member of the lab. During this period, you can use the equipment that will be allocated to you during your project as a contributor or in workshops.

How can I find out the result of the interview?

We will post contributor roles and results on our site, the results will be decided by the jury formed by the lecturers and lab members. Stay tuned after your application!

I'm not from the computer engineering department, can I join?

Yes, you can apply, you just need to be a Gazi University student.

I am not a Gazi University student, can I apply?

Unfortunately, we do not accept applications outside of Gazi University.

Are you looking for a team or looking for mentorship and support?

Whether you are looking for a team or looking for support for your artificial intelligence-based projects, as an autonomous systems laboratory, we offer various opportunities to selected teams and competitors so that you can prepare for competitions.

GPU Support

You can use the GPU in our laboratory for your AI models or you can benefit from our cloud computing credits for your needs.

High Speed Internet

The autonomous systems laboratory offers a great internet experience with download and upload speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Hardware Support

You can benefit from Nvidia Jetson series hardware for your work, use a computer with a powerful GPU or benefit from our sponsorship network for other hardware you need.


You will have the opportunity to get support for the problems you may encounter while preparing for the competition from our experienced lecturers in the computer engineering department.

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